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I am now shooting my new movie. A tale of mystery and the supernatural. The name of my new movie is "Lilly's Rose" starring Jen Roscoe.
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Lilly's Rose

Philip Is currently writing a new book titled, "The Ghosts Of Anderson County" and is contemplating returning to Anderson County Kentucky to shoot a movie titled "Return To The Frazier Land".

Philip Spencer is the Author of "The Wildman Of Kentucky , The Mystery Of Panther Rock"
which can be found in book and DVD format and has worked with the TV show MonsterQuest on The History Channel.
Philip has appeared on numerous radio shows worldwide. Philip is a investigative researcher in the world of strange animals and paranormal activity.

Philip is a member of the following groups:
Investigator With: Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group
Investigator With: American Bigfoot Society
Investigative Consultant With: Tri-State Bigfoot
Member Of: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Member Of: Sasquatch Watch Of Virginia

Also Philip is the owner of Back River Productions A multi media company in Hampton Virginia and the company Memories Of Me. Also located in Hampton Virginia

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    2008 Kentucky

    Does Bigfoot roam the hills of Kentucky?

    • 1: What made the 18+ inch foot track?
    • 2: What killed a large dog and carried It's body away?
    • 3: What ripped a cow's ears off to the skull?
    • 4: What creature made the mysterious sounds?
    • 5: How many secrets does the cave hold?

    Hear stunning eyewitness testimonies of numerous Bigfoot sightings in this area.

    And hear what can be considered one of the most credible Bigfoot sightings ever recorded.

    Summer of 2008 the hunt begins..

    • The Frazier Howl

      Click Here To Play

      On Sept 27th 2008 at 11:30 PM EST The X Farmer was sitting on his porch in Anderson County Kentucky with his two dogs. I had left a small Olympus digital recording device with an external Omni directional microphone for him to use incase more strange sounds could be captured. When this howl began he grabbed the digital recorder and turned it on. This howl was coming from the area where the Bigfoot track was found and another strange animal track as well as other sounds heard and strange events have occurred. The howl was approximately 350 yards away and was also estimated to be 100 ft. down from the top of a hill that was between the X Farmers cabin and the location of the sound. The X Farmers dogs were laying in his yard and are farm dogs and protect their area. Notice that the dogs remain silent for most of the howl. This is very uncharacteristic for these dogs. The X Farmer also noticed that as soon as the howl began his dogs looked up and straightened their necks and perked their ears up and he said, that to him, his dogs looked puzzled. The file you will hear is in mp3 format and I have the original wav file. The mp3 was cleaned up with the audio program Goldwave to remove pops and hisses and to make louder. If possible listen with headphones. Any thoughts on what this could be would be greatly appreciated..

    • The Frazier Sound

      Click Here To Play

      The Frazier Sound was recorded at 4:30 AM on Nov 7th of 2007on the X Farmers land. It has recently been discovered that the Frazier Sound was made by a Fox. To hear the Fox Scream click the link below to visit Youtube and hear and see a Fox make this sound.
      Red Fox Cry/Scream

      About Philip Spencer

      Philip Spencer grew up in Anderson County, Kentucky, in the town of Lawrenceburg.
      Blessed or cursed with an insatiable curiosity for everything, he has been seeking answers
      to the mysteries of life, death and the paranormal since childhood. A 30-year veteran investigator, he has amassed a huge number of case files in his research of strange events that
      have occurred around the world. Bigfoot however, is one of the author's preferred areas of research
      as in Anderson County, Kentucky, there have been many sightings of the enigmatic creature known the world over. His first book, The Wildman of Kentucky, The Mystery of Panther Rock, entails these sightings and much more, taking the reader on a journey into the heart of the "Dark and Bloody Ground" one of the most active paranormal places in the nation also known as "The Frazier Land."